The Flight Model

A somewhat pejorative term in recent patches, this term is often used to refer to the “users” experience flying CIG’s ships, abstracting away the underlying systems. I will admit it took me years to understand what was going on. My early years were plagued by questioning folks claiming that uncoupled flight was the only true 6DOF and that somehow flying in space was a magical place for space ships. My irritation at these folks did get me banned from what is now known as Spectrum for a short time.

Nothing to see there, move along, move along.

After we lost the “knife fighter” rendition of the FM after the 3.0 patch folks lost all interest in AC and the really cool instances in Squadron Battle and Battle Royal – just disappeared. I was again at a loss to understand what had happened.

It was clear that a group of self proclaimed skilled pilots with not much to offer but tropes labeling anybody who disagreed with them a Care Bear, were making a lot of noise. Still, I failed to break through the noise. These folks had nothing technical to offer.

I found little to protest with CIG’s onward experimentations with the FM/IFCS as many of the updates made sense (other than hover-mode). Clearly the model needed to evolve. The loss of HUD features that were removed waiting for new UI tech provided CIG some political cover. My initial reviews of the post 3.0 FM pretty much centered on WOW, at last, I can control my ship! But those knife fights never returned.

Obviously something was wrong, with alpha. Go figure. So I am happy to see someone spelled the issues out, clearly.

Spoiler Alert! The SCM mode limiter was a good thing!