How STEALTH works in 3.10

It is nice to see some fundamental game play mechanics take shape. During the 3.9 patch I have been altering my loadouts trying to minimize both my IR and ER signatures, primarily for the Arrow. Anvil’s light fighter of the future. JUB has posted a new instructional video, one of many in the Legacy Instructional Series (a source I have relied on for years) explaining exactly how radar works in the latest patch.

Alien Updates

Folks been bitchen about Esperian ships ever since 3.0 hit the scene. The Blade failed to make OP in the light fighter category and the Glaive has been plagued with issues.

CIG has been busy behind the scenes making up for the bitterness with a sneak preview of things to come.

OMG – the Glaive is back!

Nomadsoul's Alliance Fighters
The Glaive one shot kill is back!

Much of the year has been a huge disappointment for Glaive owners as the ship, in general, has failed to live up to expectations of being a kick ass medium fighter. The ship leaked boost fuel excessively and it’s cannons were nerfed.

So it was when I called up the Glaive over at Levski (Delamar) to run some 8k bounty missions. Much to my surprise, even with the default loadout, the Glaive lived up to the high expectations I have always had for this alien based fighter.

The handling was smooth, shields adequate, and the fire power of those two size 5 WRATH Plasma cannons is back!

Bounty for 8000 please!

Space Marhsal Christoper Blair

Now I can get into this! No running around flying your crime stat like a badge of honor without pay. Get me some hard cold UEC. Doesn’t matter if it is aUEC, it spends the same. These are fun grind ’em missions that can easily fund an arsenal of new mods in a day or two…

The hornet is fun again with the new FM in SC 3.5

Expect to hunt the Cutlass, Constellations, and the Valkyrie for the best bounties.

Bounties on scoundrels in light fighters, usually Buccaneers, fetch 6000 aUEC and many of the “live” bounties command less, albeit can be a bit more fun. You too can hunt any player with a crime stat of 2 or more by completing the North Rock mission.

Doctor in the House?

Space Marhsal Christoper Blair

The updates to the super hornet during the 3.4 patch were cruel. Not only did the SH lose it’s armor, the default loadout failed to impress as it was plagued with divergent PIPs. Fixing the super hornet up for use in the verse was an expensive proposition and quite frankly, not worth the risk and I ended up melting mine in favor of a larger LTI pack.

Fortunately the super hornet remains in my fleet as a loaner in the 3.5 patch and I have been quite impressed with the new gimbal system which turns the default loadout into a rather formidable package capable of running most of the bounty missions. If you replace its nose turret with a size 3 distortion repeater that I like to call the Doctor – the DR Model-XJ3, you can tame the larger multi-crew ships.

Bounty for 8K please!

The Silent Killer

Face it, not all of us are cracked up to be close up knife fighters and prefer to engage the enemy with a little more finesse. Aegis has a ship for you, the Eclipse stealth bomber. The Eclipse may be purchased from time to time during one of the periodic ship sales and is available for deployment today!

The AEGIS Eclipse

The Wild Weasal

Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) is an age old tactic dating back to 20th century Earth and is still used today. Our primary craft supporting this tactic in the venerable Aegis Vanguard Sentinel. For those of us that have obtained this fine craft, we expect to see shipments begin sometime this year.

The Sentinel may be purchased from time to time during one of the periodic ship sales or you may convert either of the Vanguard siblings to the Sentinel configuration using a Warden Battlefield Upgrade Kit.

Guide to the Vanguard Sentinel