Have you ever met someone for the first time…. but something is telling you that you have met before in the Verse ? If that is the case…. Then you must be one of the rare wandering Souls out there.

We are coming from all over the world and from many parts of the Verse…. Gathered together, we know each other, a bunch of Strange Explorers, Mercenaries, some…. would call us ‘‘Citizens of Interest…. Military Veterans, Drunk Pilots…. and Wise men.

Always up for a good laugh and a warm Coffee for some…. or a Cold Beer for others, on board of our ships…. or sitting at the Bar…. like…. a bunch of Old Souls laughing at the face of Death. Passionate for exploration, Armed with Wisdom, and Honor we stick together, we Help, we find and sometimes…. lend a hand to the Lost ones in the Dark whom deserve the Help.

Many parts of the Verse have we seen, crossed paths with many Citizen’s…. and not always the best ones oh no. Mistreated some of us have been….but we shall not forget. Many are Hunting us…. Many will hunt you one day as well.

Quite an experience living in fear isn’t it ??

We’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Bengal ships on fire off the shoulder of Crusader. We’ve watched Pilots and convoys blowing up like seen glitter in the dark , near the Gate of Black Holes. All those moments will be lost in time…. like tears in the rain so shall be forgotten…. there so called Commander.

Time is for you not to fear them but to Join the NomadSoul’s Alliance Fighters.

Pilgrim “Heavy”


The Polaris is a nimble corvette-class capital ship that packs a powerful punch with a full armament of turrets and torpedoes. Intended for use as both a naval patrol ship and to serve as the flagship of militia operations, Polaris has the capacity to perform search and rescue operations, light strike missions and general security patrols. The Polaris includes the facilities to repair, rearm and refuel a single fighter, light bomber or support ship.

The Pilgrim “Heavy” was acquired during the last Militia Mobilization Initiative aimed at arming the civilian population against the threat from the Vanduul. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to make the Polaris my flagship.


Welcome to the desk of Space Marshal Christoper Blair.

Decades ago there were but a handful of reasons to own a pc. Wing Commander was one of them. While those handful(s) of reasons grew over time, nothing had quite recreated the sense of adventure that came from pushing those early boundaries. Until now. Enter Star Citizen.

Chris Roberts put together one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns ever seen back in October 2012 and he never looked back. With over $200 million raised by “backers” and a $46 million investment dedicated to promote the upcoming single player “Squadron 42”, Star Citizen is slowly developing into the game of dreams.

By the time 2.0 dropped I was hooked and pledged an Aurora LN. Soon after that – I turned in all my light sabers to focus on learning to fly.

Training Mission: Aurora LN, Vanduul Swarm, Jan 26, 2016

Training Mission: Hornet 7FC, Vanduul Swarm, April 10, 2017

Registration is encouraged if you can provide your basic RSI credentials. Once vetted you can setup a forward facing BuddyPress profile, have private conversations, make social connections, create and interact in groups, and much more. A Star Citizen social network in a box.

“Citizens of Interest” can always be found inside.


The Flight Model

A somewhat pejorative term in recent patches, this term is often used to refer to the “users” experience flying CIG’s ships, abstracting away the underlying systems. I will admit it took me years to understand what was going on. My early years were plagued by questioning folks claiming that uncoupled flight was the only true …


Space Marshal Christoper Blair