Hammerhead or 7 fighters?

The Corporation, still smarting over their rekt performance against Nomadsoul’s Diamond Shredders, posted a question on Spectrum. One(1) Hammerhead or seven(7) fighters? I think that is the wrong question!

Here is more of the battle:

I suspect Cintra left out the mission objectives in her question, in this case I will assume she is talking about defending a cargo convoy. We came in with a Hammerhead sporting a crew of 4 and 3 medium fighter support ships. Since we were targeting cargo ships, medium fighters would be more effective taking down the larger targets.

Flying a Glaive I provided close support for the Hammerhead operating to a large extent inside the firing bubble of the Hammerhead where I was free to engage targets without becoming defensive. Our targets were so focused on the Hammerhead I was largely ignored.

Fighting within the Hammerhead’s firing bubble also meant that I didn’t need to mash the AB/Boost buttons and as a result I remained in the fight while my two wing mates left the fight early to refuel. Unfortunately the Glaive, despite having two fuel intakes, does not regenerated boost fuel.

So I suspect the answer to Cintra’s question is neither.