Great Mole Mining Challenge

Nomadsoul's Alliance Fighters

Teams of moles go mining and have 1 hour. After the time is out you sell your cargo and whoever makes the most money wins the money of the other teams.

(The Rules)

1. Everyone must be in an Argo Mole.

2. All moles used in race must be stock (no upgraded mining heads).

3. Before starting each team must submit a screen shot showing their empty cargo hold.

Everyone has 1 hour to mine, after 1 hour you have 15 mins to submit your screen shot to the event moderator (Discord channel).

4. The winner will be the team that has collected the most valuable submission.

5. Losing teams MUST cash their minables in and send the aUEC to winning team for prize.

If you want to attend check our schedule of events for dates and times.

Winner is required to tip the moderator 20% for their services.

CitizenCon 2949 – The Adventure Begins

As we have come to expect from CIG, the new technology and features coming to fruition during the past year are showcased during CitizenCon using a canned demo. This year was no exception. The demo took the form of a multiplayer mission used to showcase several new exciting developments including Planet Tech V4, a unique new systemic rendering system that derives displaying the surface of a planet using temperature and humidity along with some physical maps to greatly improve the clarity of the planets and moons.

Star Citizen Roadmap Pillars

Chris Roberts gave an excellent presentation during last year’s CitizenCon 2948 event of the key pillars or milestones that succinctly define the development of Star Citizen, the online multi-player game. From the days of the first hangars back in 2013 until the time we can enjoy the first iterations of Beta much has and will be accomplished.

With CitizenCon 2949 days away I thought it would be a great time to review the framework set out by CR at last year’s event.

The path to a new standard in online gaming!

OMG – the Glaive is back!

Nomadsoul's Alliance Fighters
The Glaive one shot kill is back!

Much of the year has been a huge disappointment for Glaive owners as the ship, in general, has failed to live up to expectations of being a kick ass medium fighter. The ship leaked boost fuel excessively and it’s cannons were nerfed.

So it was when I called up the Glaive over at Levski (Delamar) to run some 8k bounty missions. Much to my surprise, even with the default loadout, the Glaive lived up to the high expectations I have always had for this alien based fighter.

The handling was smooth, shields adequate, and the fire power of those two size 5 WRATH Plasma cannons is back!

Dual Joystick Setup Series

buzzzkiller emoji

Many of the vids on this topic are dated and stale. It was nice to run across this fairly new series by BuzZzKiller. He clearly describes the ins and outs of almost every option available for use with Star Citizen. So without further ado:

You can use the builtin playlist located in the upper right.

Bounty for 8000 please!

Space Marhsal Christoper Blair

Now I can get into this! No running around flying your crime stat like a badge of honor without pay. Get me some hard cold UEC. Doesn’t matter if it is aUEC, it spends the same. These are fun grind ’em missions that can easily fund an arsenal of new mods in a day or two…

The hornet is fun again with the new FM in SC 3.5

Expect to hunt the Cutlass, Constellations, and the Valkyrie for the best bounties.

Bounties on scoundrels in light fighters, usually Buccaneers, fetch 6000 aUEC and many of the “live” bounties command less, albeit can be a bit more fun. You too can hunt any player with a crime stat of 2 or more by completing the North Rock mission.