Great Harvesting Challenge

Individual member’s don their gear and set out to harvest for 1 hour. After the time is out you sell your cargo and whoever makes the most money wins the money of the other teams.

(The Rules)

1. Everyone can come as themselves. #carebear rules apply – no PVP against other contestants.

2. Each contestant may store their harvestables on any available resource and each contestant may be aided by additional personal in roles other than harvesting (flying cargo ship, escort, etc).

3. Before starting each contestant must submit a screen shot showing their empty cargo hold.

Everyone has 1 hour to harvest, after the 1 hour you have 15 mins to submit your screen shot!

4. The winner will be the contestant that has collected the most valuable submission.

5. Losing contestants MUST cash their harvestables in and send the aUEC to winning team for prize.

If you want to attend check our schedule of events for dates and times.

Winner is required to tip the event moderator 20% for their services.