Star Citizen: 3.9 vs. 3.10 comparison

Aleksandr Belov

Do folks still complain about CIG’s failure to release the game? Since I gave up facebook I don’t see many rants so it is easy to assume all the haters disappeared. LOL.

Still, there is quite a bit to do in this alpha release. So much so that it takes a 12 minute vid to cover some of numerous upgrades in the latest patch. Enjoy!

Grim Hex Makeover

Nomadsoul's Alliance Fighters

Gone are the days when you could spend hours trying to escape expert campers at GH. Anyone with a crimestat respawned at GH, the dark pirate base with zero safety protocols. That lawless paradise was also hard to find as it took a couple of blind jumps to navigate close enough to recognize the asteroid formation of GrimHex among the ring of asteroids circling Yela.

Today GrimHex is on all SkyLine maps and has been populated by a bit more friendly blokes as all but hand to hand weapon protocols are now enforced. CIG has promised an upgrade!

How STEALTH works in 3.10

It is nice to see some fundamental game play mechanics take shape. During the 3.9 patch I have been altering my loadouts trying to minimize both my IR and ER signatures, primarily for the Arrow. Anvil’s light fighter of the future. JUB has posted a new instructional video, one of many in the Legacy Instructional Series (a source I have relied on for years) explaining exactly how radar works in the latest patch.