Doctor in the House?

The updates to the super hornet during the 3.4 patch were cruel. Not only did the SH lose it’s armor, the default loadout failed to impress as it was plagued with divergent PIPs. Fixing the super hornet up for use in the verse was an expensive proposition and quite frankly, not worth the risk and I ended up melting mine in favor of a larger LTI pack.

Fortunately the super hornet remains in my fleet as a loaner in the 3.5 patch and I have been quite impressed with the new gimbal system which turns the default loadout into a rather formidable package capable of running most of the bounty missions. If you replace its nose turret with a size 3 distortion repeater that I like to call the Doctor – the DR Model-XJ3, you can tame the larger multi-crew ships.

Bounty for 8K please!

Hammerhead or 7 fighters?

Nomadsoul's Alliance Fighters

The Corporation, still smarting over their rekt performance against Nomadsoul’s Diamond Shredders, posted a question on Spectrum. One(1) Hammerhead or seven(7) fighters? I think that is the wrong question!

Here is more of the battle:

I suspect Cintra left out the mission objectives in her question, in this case I will assume she is talking about defending a cargo convoy. We came in with a Hammerhead sporting a crew of 4 and 3 medium fighter support ships. Since we were targeting cargo ships, medium fighters would be more effective taking down the larger targets.

Flying a Glaive I provided close support for the Hammerhead operating to a large extent inside the firing bubble of the Hammerhead where I was free to engage targets without becoming defensive. Our targets were so focused on the Hammerhead I was largely ignored.

Fighting within the Hammerhead’s firing bubble also meant that I didn’t need to mash the AB/Boost buttons and as a result I remained in the fight while my two wing mates left the fight early to refuel. Unfortunately the Glaive, despite having two fuel intakes, does not regenerated boost fuel.

So I suspect the answer to Cintra’s question is neither.