Part of the Verse

One of the amazing things about Star Citizen is the fan base. The game is still in alpha, but you couldn’t tell. Here is one example:

Navy role promotions

Soon. That is the word for alpha 3.0.

This is now. Scorpio Splinter Syndicate offers an immediate career path in our Navy field of operations that is open to all members of our org. Members are encouraged to view our RSI Scorpio Splinter Syndicate Spectrum private organization pages to keep up to date and to use RSI Spectrum private messaging.

Please note that you will need to be logged to your RSI account to view these links!

Aspiring nuggets will also find a variety of training videos to help you quickly learn the ins and outs of flying a space ship and the types of control systems available.

  • Top Gun Training – Scorpio Splinter Syndicate Navy Operations Information
  • Current Navy Ranks

Nugget – Please view our Scorpio Splinter Syndicate RSI Spectrum page for details on becoming a nugget. Once your handle appears on the leaderboards for either Vanduul or Pirate swarms you will be deemed the lowest of low – a nugget.

Sub Lieutenant – Complete (all waves) either in Vanduul Swarm or Pirate Swarm.

Lieutenant – ┬áComplete (all waves) of BOTH Vanduul Swarm and Pirate Swarm.

Reviews for promotions occur monthly!

Please note that the bonus ships that you qualify for completing either swarm have all been sold out.